Evaluation of preparatory games of the Czech and Dutch team

On Friday morning, the Dutch landed in Brno at the airport, from where they continued in the direction of Ostrava. In the afternoon, both teams arrived at the Arrows Stadium. At the baseball restaurant, where the Dutch team enjoyed a great lunch. At five o’clock, the teams started training for the evening game, which had been on schedule since seven. The atmosphere was friendly and the viewers enjoyed this game as well. The Czech team did very well, but the game ended 5:6 for the rival. After dinner on the playground, the teams went to the hotel. It was a busy day for everyone.

On Saturday morning, they played the second preparation match, which finished 7:6 for the Czech team. Both teams showed a good game. Unfortunately, it did not go without injury.

We asked how players and coaches were happy and whether their expectations regarding the European Championship were changed.

The Czech team is satisfied with the preparations and has fulfilled its purpose. In the last innings both teams scored, and this brought a great atmosphere no


t only to the bench but also to the auditorium. We are so glad that we managed to win one game. We have met with a high-quality rival, and it is a great benefit for us to play at such a level. We really enjoyed it. As we mentioned, we have something to come back to, and this was only the third win over the Netherlands. However, baseball is a contact sport and therefore it did not go without minor injuries, but we hope that it does not affect the performance on the tournament. As the results of both matches show, the forces are balanced, we are on the same level as they are, and equally dangerous. We can only do it ourselves. If we play as we do now, we can say we will be successful.

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