Day 5 recap – Three shoo-ins and one surprise

Two clean wins, a close one and one big surprise. This is how you could sum up today’s quarter final. After a clear win, the Dutch advance to the semifinal. They will face Belgium in tomorrow’s first semifinal, starting at 3 PM, as they shocked baseball Germany in a dramatic game in Blansko, winning 3:1. Croatia tried its best against Spain, but in the end the Spanish could pull away with a clear win, facing the Czech who had some troubles beating France, but finally walked away with a 5:1-win.

The first quarter final featured the battle of two kingdoms. Team GB requested a battle against the Oranje and through the first inning, the British were leading, but soon the Netherlands turned around the game, added a couple more runs in the sixth and outscored the queen’s knights in the seventh, winning 11:1. Kaj Timmermans through a great game for the Dutch, only allowing a Hayden Platt-Homerun in the first. With this, the Netherlands advance to the semifinals, which will be played at 3 PM (game available onDemand on

The Dutch’s opponent was determined at Blansko’s Strawberry Field in the quarterfinal between Germany and Belgium. The odds were probably on the German side and this was how the game started, when they scored the 1:0 in the bottom of the third. But Germany couldn’t hold on, put two runners on base and Belgium said “thank you” with a sac-bunt and a 2-rbi-single. A nailbiter developed. Both defensive departments put on a great show. Belgium gave Germany a few opportunities to tie the game, but they couldn’t connect and had a total of 9 left-on-base. Evantually, there was one more run in the game, but it was a security for Belgium’s later win, who will face their big brother, the Netherlands, in tomorrow’s semifinal.

Back intown, the “hroch” was the battleground for the next quarterfinal. With Kruno Gojkovic, Croatia put in everything they had. He did an amazing job against the Spanish offense, but his defense didn’t give the support that was needed. On the other end, Eric Paez cruised through the innings and only allowed one hit over seven innings. Although allowing a few walks, the Croatian offense never got dangerous. Spain carried a 3:0 lead into the eight, when finally, Gojkovic was done and the boys in red and yellow won the game by mercy rule. Asked on who they would like to face in tomorrow’s semis, winning pitcher Paez didn’t care. They needed to play their game anyway and as a big family, they are confident on doing so:

In front of their home crowd, the Czech faced France in the last quarter final. Both hitting units had a rather slow start, when finally, Martin Muzik, who else, broke the silence with a 2-run shot. Three more runs followed in the sixth and the host team had worked themselves a comfortable lead. The French held their heads up and answered with a run in the seventh. But this was all they had left, and the Czech could move on to the semifinal against Spain, taking place at Draci’s great stadium, MBS, at 7 PM. The quarter final game is still available onDemand on

Winning Pitcher, Ondras Satoria, in the post-game interview:

In today’s placement games, Poland could add another win to their collection, beating Slovakia in mercy rule, making a big step to reach Europe’s top 10. Also, Austria, who was still seeking for its first win of the tournament, finally made it happen. Georgia served as their victim, loosing 17:1 in five innings.

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