Czech National Team visits hospital

The Czech National Baseball Team was visited the “Fakultní Nemocnice Brno-Pracoviště dětské medicíny”, a local hospital in Brno. The players visited kids at different departments, such as oncology, orthopedic and the ophthalmologic center.

The little patience had a lot of fun with our players. We hope the boys get better soon and that we left a smile behind.

First team of the European Championship has arrived to the Czech Republic

On Tuesday August 1st the Croats came to Brno, where they stayed at Hotel Voroněž and have already trained on Kraví Hora. The Croatian team awaits preparatory matches in the coming days. Yesterday, they played at Techniques Brno with South Moravian selection from 17:00. On Friday, they leave to Frýdek-Místek to play another preparatory game.

The second team, which is already preparing for the ME, is the Czech U23 team. Yesterday, at 19:00, at the MBS in Brno played a preparatory game against the Czech selection at the World Universiade. The Twenty-Ninth World Summer Universiade is held in Taipei, Taiwan from 19 to 30 August 2017.

The third team preparing for the upcoming European Championship is in the Netherlands. The Dutch will arrive in Brno on Friday morning and from there they will continue to Ostrava, where there is a preparatory match with the Czech team at the Arrows stadium on Friday from 7 pm and on Saturday from 11 am. On Sunday morning, the teams return to Brno.

Here you can watch the preparatory match Czech against the Netherlands. Play by play on Friday 4th at 7 pm




The Czech Baseball Association (CBA) has decided to express its support to the Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation.

At the U23 European Championship, Petr Ditrich, CBA chairman, will hand over the 20,000 CZK check at the Czech against Ukraine match on Tuesday 8 August 2017 by Zdenka Wasserbauer, winner of the Via Bona 2015 Prize in the Personal Interest Award – Over the last 19 years, she has already convinced 9,000 people to enter the bone marrow transplant registry.

We have decided to support the project, which is organized this year in October by the Foundation in cooperation with students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FTVS), because the ambience of the faculty is close to us. Some of our baseball players are studying at FTVS. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the possibility of donating bone marrow and to expand the registry for new donors to FTVS, where young and healthy people are among the most appropriate donors. Helping always makes sense!

Why Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation?

The Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation was established by parents of patients with serious blood disorders in Pilsen, the Czech Republic in 1992.

Until present, the Foundation has been the only existing source of financial support for the Czech National Marrow Donors Registry.

The foundation also supports a whole range of other programs focused on help to patients suffering from the most serious blood disorders and cancer in the Czech Republic.

We are a lively organization that can only fulfill its program through the support of the public. With volunteers throughout the Czech Republic, events that help our foundation are organized every year. One of them is a promotional campaign organized this year in October by the Foundation in cooperation with students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. No gift or help for us is small.

(Source: Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation)

I think anyone who has healthy hands, healthy legs and a healthy head can realize that it is a great luck that has come to him from fate … And that not everybody has such a good fortune. It should be the duty of us to help those who are not healthy and need some form of assistance. It is not related to any faith, churches, political affiliation, bank account status, and so on. This is related to humanity. And I believe most people are human …

Zdenka Wasserbauerová

Team introduction – Group D

We would like to introduce you Group D


In this group is considered the Czech Republic and Belgium as a leader. For two places to the quarterfinals will also strive Lithuania and Ukraine, their win would be a nice surprise. We asked them a few questions.


1)      How do you prepare for tournament?

2)      What are your tournament goals (ambition, expectation)?

3)      What do you expect from your group opponents?




The weather is nice, we played match with Draci Brno, the champion of the republic and fresh winners of the European Cup (CEB). Both teams were not in the full strength, but the players set a hot pace. At the end of June, we played on the Prague Baseball Week, then the last match with Draci in Brno, the American selection Old World Baseball in Prague on Eagles stadium, two matches with university selection in Brno and we finish with two matches with the tournament favorite the Netherlands in Ostrava.


Mainly, they will not give us anything for free. Lithuania is coached by Virmidas Neverauskas, who prepared the only present European pitcher playing in Major League Baseball (MLB). It is his son Davidas playing in Pittsburg Pirates.

We have something to return to Ukraine, because it was our only lost match against European team on European Championship U21 in 2010, when we became European champions in this adult category. In 2012, when European title was awarded to France, Ukraine eliminate us in semifinal with score 3:1.

Belgium was on sixth place on the senior European Championship. They are country with great baseball program. Their advantage is nearness to the Netherlands and they are getting better each year. They tightly lost 1:2 with our men’s representation in the game of the fifth place.


We want to show that our baseball program is comparable to the top of Europe. I am glad that on the biggest representative European tournament in history (number of teams) spectators can watch reigning European Champion and Vice-Champion – The Netherlands and Spain, who prefer men´s tournaments. Then I expect fight for two places in upcoming World Cup between the two strongest European countries. Personally, I am happy that we are in this competition ale believe that fans will not leave us alone and help us to succeed.



Our preparation looks like this. We had a training program, with a training intensity of 1 training a week, in May. We will have a training camp the week before the start of the tournament.
Our goal is to qualify fort he next European Championship. So our ambition and expectation is to achieve a top 6 ranking in the U23 European Championship.


It’s difficult to give expectations about the opponents as it is the first time that the tournament will be organised.

It’s not clear yet which players are going to be available and are going to play the tournament.

In our group we expect the Czech Republic to be the favorite.




As a preparation we will make a training camp before the tournament.

We are expect tough tournament with exciting baseball games.

Our goal is very simple but important- work and compete. Every day!


Team introduction – Group C

We would like to introduce you Group C


In this group is considered Germany and France as a leader. For two places to the quarterfinals will also strive Slovakia and Georgia, their win would be a nice surprise. We asked them a few questions.


1)      How do you prepare for tournament?

2)      What are your tournament goals (ambition, expectation)?

3)      What do you expect from your group opponents?




Our goal is to play quality baseball every day and have a chance to compete for a medal.

Every team will be looking to advance to the next round so it will be challenging to play any opponent, especially with the german league still playing on August 5th.



We have no real preparation, because of budget limits. We will get together on the 4th in Slovakia and prepare the pitching rotations and defensive organisations.

Our goal is to win game per game and compete the best way. We will not calculate or project ourselves in results, but just focus on the process and our philosophy as team france. The result is only a consequence of the way we play.

Our expectation from our group opponents is to give their best against France and play as hard as us.





The team has undergone very intensive preparation and hopes to finish in top three of the tournament.

We really appreciate the strength of our opponent at group stage. However, believe that our team will be capable to advance further.

Three questions for Tomáš Ovesný – field manager of Hroši stadium

Tomas, how would you introduce “your” area?

The Hroch Sports Complex is interesting for its location in a beautiful setting and near public transport and within walking distance of the city center. Hroch differs from most baseball stadium mainly by offering many other (and non-traditional) sports – Lacrosse, Frisbee, beach soccer etc.

What else will happen to the European Championship?

On the baseball field, we will build the so-called “Batters Eye” so that the batter can see the balls flying from the pitcher.

How will you attract viewers to ME U23?

At the entrance to the campus we have a large billboard, where we have current activities in the area. As well as visitors who are daily about 400 are informed about this important event on the board in the area and on our web and Facebook sites.


Your area will become home to the Croatian team, will you prepare something special?

We are preparing a special musical mix that will be played during games. We are also preparing barbecues that southern states love 🙂


Team introduction – Group B

We would like to introduce you Group B

In this group is considered Spain as a leader. For two places to the quarterfinals will also strive Great Britain and Austria. However, Poland’s strive would be a nice surprise. We asked them a few questions.


1)      How do you prepare for tournament?

2)      What are your tournament goals (ambition, expectation)?

3)      What do you expect from your group opponents?



1) We are going to be together as a team a week before the tournament during that week we will practice and play exhibition games to see our players get the final roster.

2) Our ambition as go to the final game, hopefully we can compete at our best level every single game and we trust if we do that we will have chance to get the gold medal at the end of the tournament.

3) I expect as always in this tournament a lot of competition and intensity in every single game. we expect a very good baseball level for all of the teams.


1) On 28th May we have our annual All-Star Game, which like other federations, includes the national team versus an all-star team from the top domestic league (National Baseball League). This year, our focus for this game is to provide opportunities for our U23 players to showcase their abilities before we make final selections for the European Championship.

Our final roster will gather near London a week in advance of the tournament for several days of practice, where we’re also hoping to run some clinics to help raise awareness of the U23 National Team and to help fulfil GB Baseball’s Mission, to Inspire, Develop & Perform. We’ll then fly to Austria for final preparations including competition against Austria.

2) The U23 goals included in the Mission & Vision we published a couple of years ago, were to win medals and qualify for the World Championship by 2020. I am excited about the group of players we have and believe we can push to achieve these goals at this year’s tournament.

3) We expect a tough group and a real fight to finish top two. I have tremendous respect for the programmes that we’ll face; Spain is a perennial European power, and we’ve had some excellent battles against Poland through the years at all age groups. And, as the hosts and fresh off a World Championship appearance, I think everyone expects a strong Austrian team.



1) The team first met in January for our kick-off meeting and since worked out in regular practice camps, followed by several games. In April the Austrian U23 National Team played at the AllStar Day in Wels against the Baseball League Austria AllStars, followed by a great competition at the Danube Cup, held in Slovakia. From August 2nd on, Team Austria will prepare a few more days before the U23 European Championship starts.

2) We talked about our goals from the first meeting on, so all players and the whole staff can pull in once direction: We want to reach the top 8 and win at least one game in the second half of the tournament. Of course, we need to play our best baseball in order to get there.

3) Our group is, of course, a big challenge to us. Playing Team GB is never easy. They might be packed with some players, playing college ball in the states and of course also with their home-grown players.

The team from Spain is the dark horse within our group, since we barely know their players from youth competitions. Meanwhile, the Spanish senior National team won the silver medal in Hoofddorp last year, making a big threat to all the other teams.

We know the Polish youth program and have played those players over the last several years. We expect a tough battle and hope to end up as the winners.


1) We are having 4 groupings, during which we play friendly games. We also took part in the 9th North Cup Dewelopeo in Poland. We will also have a grouping right before the European Championship

2) Firstly, we should think about every single game in the group. If we manage to pass the group, we can think about more and it will be lovely if we will pass to the semifinal, which is our aim and we will do our best to achieve it.

3) Every game will be a demanding battle.
Spain is a great team with a strong and attractive league. The players have got an experience of playing in a really high level.  The team Spain can be seen as a group favorite.
Austria is a strong team. In addition, it is a host of this part of tournament and the crowds will be another advantage for the team and can lead them to a really good result.
Great Britain is a solid team, which can be really dangerous especially in a tight game.

A few questions for player of the Czech team Filip Smola

What does baseball mean to you?

When I was a child my dad brought me to baseball, who played it thanks to his dad. We have traveled with the baseball not only to the Czech cities, but we also had the opportunity to get to know many foreign destinations not only in Europe. Through baseball I found a lot of interesting people and friends, not just on the baseball court. Thanks to baseball, I also have the opportunity to continue studying at the University of California, where I look forward to.

How do you think you can handle any pressure in the tournament?

I think we can handle the potential pressure without much difficulty, mainly because most of the team players have previously participated in larger international events. I also hope that our support will always be our faithful fans from all over the country.

Do you feel that Pavel Chadim is strict on you?

Head coach Pavel Chadim requires us exactly what the representatives in the twenty-three years should meet. We try our best, but at times it is difficult with our temperament and youthful predation:-).

Three questions for Mr. Krejčíř, the Strawberry Field manager (Olympia Blansko)

How do you prepare the stadium in Blansko?

The playing area came through a big reconstruction in 2015. Lawn and inner field are in the best condition thanks to our keepers. Last year, a special tractor for the treatment of clay surfaces was added to the machinery. Last week we bought a new spindle mower. Because it is three generation younger machine than the previous one, it is visibly after a while. Strawberry Field thus meets the strictest requirements for holding large tournaments. Last week we also made a reconstruction of pitching mound and sector at home plate. These days we are preparing padding dugout too. Unfortunately, due to the problems at the ministry, we will not be able to prepare the modernization of the facilities.


How would you compare your stadium against 2005?

The Quadra finale Men´s European Championship between Czech and France attended three thousand spectators in 2005. It was the first such important match in the Czech Republic. Since then, no one has surpassed this audience record. We also had extra stands. They will not be here this year; the Czech team does not play here. The second field will be available this time. It is prepared as a training field. Because it was built as “waterproof” for the first weeks after the winter, it is possible to play the European Championship in the case of the  “Rain Crisis Scenario”. The newest is a workout outdoor gym, built by the town of Blansko, worth almost 3 million crows, which completes the cross- country and in-line circuit around the Strawberry Fields complex. A parking place for players and quests behind the tribune is newly payed and guarded parking area for viewers enlarged and modified (can see on photo). Since 2005 we have also expanded the facilities for spectators and refreshments and last year also a children’s corner with swings. I must not forget the new grassy baseball field for children under 9 years of age. Without him, we would hardly manage to be very interested in baseball for the smallest.


Are you planning anything special for the tournament?

As the stadium, will be far more operational at the stadium, our machine park will strengthen our ecological electric vehicle, which we will try to transport all the material. Social events for the European Championship are still discussed.