The brand-new ballpark in Wels was opened in 2016 and is the home field of the Wels Jumpin’ Chickens. Here, the prelimary round for Great Britain, Poland, Spain and host Austria will be played. The ballpark is placed in a huge sports complex and equipped with lights.

For the preliminary games played in Group B, tickets are available online:

–> Ticketing in Wels (AUT)

Wels field

Field specifications

Built: 2016
Capacity: 150 seats, 300 stands
Homerun distance: Leftfield: 98m
Centerfield: 116m
Rightfield: 98m
Clubhouse: Food, Drinks, Locker Rooms, VIP Tent
Parking Lot: 350 cars, 2 buses
Address: Primelstraße 30, 4600 Wels